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“Service to the Nano World”

The onset of nanotechnology which entailed research and development activities in the global engineering and scientific field has led to the founding of Nanotech Analytical Services and Training Corp. (NASAT Labs) in 2009, with a vision and an ideal:

  • To provide material characterization, failure analysis and training to the semiconductor/electronics and allied industries
  • To help build & beef-up R&D capabilities of the local industry for global competitiveness
  • To support nanotechnology related research initiatives and become an independent collaboration center for both local industry & the academia.



  • Mon
    Ayala Southvale Clubhouse (Along Daang Hari Road)

    Materials Mastery, Asset Integrity Management (AIM) and Corrosion Introduction and Testing

    Date: November 28-29, 2016| Location: Ayala Southvale Clubhouse

    What is the advantage of the program?
    - 2-Day short course and mastery given by a US Professor, NACE, ACS, SPE, SSPC, members and Expert. NO NEED to go abroad. We bring the expert in the Philippines.
    - Certification of completion
    - Master Materials: Metals, composites, polymers
    - Learn how to run an effective Asset Integrity Management program
    - Networking with peers, experts, and solution providers
    - Access to the Expert or consulting
    - Learn the state-of-the-art in instrumentation



  • Microscopy (Optical, SEM, AFM)
  • Elemental Testing (EDS, EDXRF)
  • IC Failure Localization (IR-OBIRCH)
  • Chemical Structure Identification (UV-Vis)
  • Chromatography and Separations (HPLC)
  • Sample Preparation (Hybrid Ion Milling, Sputter Coating, Mechanical Cross-section, Polishing/Grinding)

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