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“Service to the Nano World”


The onset of nanotechnology which entailed research and development activities in the global engineering and scientific field has led to the founding of Nanotech Analytical Services and Training Corp. (NASAT Labs) in 2009 …



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  • Microscopy (Optical, SEM, AFM)
  • Elemental Testing (EDS, EDXRF)
  • IC Failure Localization (IR-OBIRCH)
  • Chemical Structure Identification (UV-Vis)
  • Chromatography and Separations (HPLC)
  • Sample Preparation (Hybrid Ion Milling, Sputter Coating, Mechanical Cross-section, Polishing/Grinding)

  • Public
  • Customer Specific

  • Theory & Principles
  • Applications
  • Operation
  • Basic Maintenance